In 1985, Jeff Aronson (than a kid in high school) had the opportunity to start working on a number of local gardens.  While this included manicuring some lawns, the bulk of the work was actual vegetable bed and garden preparation for family friends that could no longer tolerate the labor involved with the cultivation of a garden. Over the next few years, a few clients grew into more than a handful, and the start of a business concept was sewn.

In 1988, Jeff headed off to college, and a need arrived to team up with a longtime friend who was also on the same path.  This partnership allowed both guys to service their clients more efficiently while giving each other coverage during the times the other was supposed to be studying.  In June of 1989, the business incorporated, and As You Like It was officially sprouted.

Services were continued while the two were at the University of Maryland. Jeff combined the horticultural knowledge that he was gaining in agricultural sciences, with architectural, art, and drafting classes. In 1992, he graduated with a BS in Horticulture and Landscape Design.  His partner graduated with a Business Management Degree.  It was a good combination and the business grew, allowing the two partners to grow personally, while also pursuing their own goals of further knowledge and expertise.

As You Like It continued to grow, and before long, one truck had become multiple trucks, two guys had become a team of 10 plus, the basement office had become a warehouse. Things were thriving, and it seemed to make sense to continue this goal of building the business into one of the best landscape services in Montgomery County. Rather than pursuing “real” jobs after graduating from Maryland, the two dedicated themselves to working full-time on building As You Like It.

“While we were aware that the name “As You Like It” had Shakespearean Reference, it was really our desire to satisfy our customers needs that convinced us that As You Like it would be an excellent fit for what we were trying to accomplish.  With that in mind, we worked with one of our Graphic Design friends at Maryland, to come up with a unique and one of a kind logo that helped to bring together the gardening and Shakespearian theme.” – Jeff

During the subsequent years, Jeff was really learning his trade, and his interest now expanded into outdoor construction, where he took a number of jobs that included building patios, decks, and screened porches.

In 1999, Jeff’s partner left to pursue a corporate career out West and Jeff acquired Potomac Valley Landscaping.  The business doubled in size after the acquisition, but had to suffer through one of the worst droughts in the region.  This acquisition was the start of a long term relationship with The Benhke Nurseries, and it situated the business in the heart of the Potomac community, where As You Like It could continue to focus it’s growth on the unique residential market that the DC metro area was offering.

At this point, the journey included a number of Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects and work started on the creation and maintenance of many of the areas most unique gardens.  The service area expanded to NW DC, Northern Virginia, and Frederick and Howard Counties, both through organic growth, and through the strategic acquisition of a few more local landscaping companies.

In 2010, the company acquired Calco Fence, a local fence company established in 1965.  Calco has now expanded its construction offerings to include custom fancywork, patios, decks, and screened in porches.

As You Like It has now established its goal of becoming one of the areas best Landscape Maintenance and Design firms and has built a strong team to help support that continuing goal. They have built a great team and are proud of their accomplishments.  They have established a reputation of high reliability and trust with their clients, leading to long-term relations that have lasted into a new generation of customers.

“While we work with all sorts of clients, our perfect client is one who is active in their garden, who might talk to their plants and name their trees, that might send us pictures of neat things on a Sunday afternoon stroll through the grounds.  These clients trust us to bring our expertise and creativeness to keep the gardens constantly evolving, and this unique working experience allows us to do our work with a smile on our face and an attitude of constant satisfaction.” – Jeff

So, that is our story to date.  It’s been an exciting ride, full of all sorts of trials and successes, but the experience has also strengthened our resolve and created a company that provides long-term careers for team members and customer relationships that are built to last.

We look forward to building one of those relationships with you.