As your complete outdoor service provider, we take a comprehensive approach  to your landscape needs.

Rather than a simple mowing service, we oversee and coordinate all aspects of your landscape care for your total peace of mind. We create a plan based on your landscape, lifestyle and budget, and implement it by managing your complete landscape team.

 Annual plans might include (click tabs for details):

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Few things impact your site like large, healthy trees. We monitor them year-round for pruning needs and disease prevention and treatment. Our skilled crews provide standard services, and we work with a certified arborist (or yours, if you have an existing partnership) for specialty consultation needs.
Regular mowing and trimming keep your lawn looking pristine at all times. We also provide lawn restoration services and seasonal treatments, including fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more, using best horticultural practices. Finally, we monitor water needs, adjusting irrigation systems, as needed.
We monitor both lawn and plant bed areas for proper moisture throughout the year for best plant health. We also offer start-up and shut-down services, head replacement, and adjustments, as necessary. For clients with existing irrigation plans, we communicate regularly to ensure current needs are met.
We maintain all aspects of planting beds throughout the seasons. This includes comprehensive clean-up, bed edging, pruning of shrubs and perennials, mulching, and more. Services will vary throughout the growing and dormant seasons, but will always meet the current needs to keep your beds looking beautiful.
Many of our clients like a big show of annual color in their gardens. Spring is our most popular time, with impatiens, begonias, petunias and more being popular choices for months of bloom time. We also offer pansies for a late fall choice.
We monitor plant health, including smaller ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. We watch for moisture levels, pests, soil health and adequate light exposure, intervening when necessary to keep your plants at their best. Seasonal hand-pruning by our skilled crews keep woody plants shaped and rejuvenated.